Casa Mariposa in San Miguel de Allende


Welcome to Casa Mariposa in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. You will love this artsy city and the great little shops and restaurants nearby.


Emergency: 911
Ambulance - Direct (Santiago Orozco): 442-721-1413
Hospital MAC: 415-150-3900
Hospital Joya: 415-152-5900
UNIMED: 415-120-0465
Firefighters: 415-152-3699
Police: 415-152-0022


Garbage and Recycling: Separate and recycle glass, plastic, cans, and cardboard. Put other refuse into a garbage bag and deposit it in the little room with the black door at the end of the parking lot.

Gas: Imperial Gas. 415-115-8599. Pay cash (Mexican pesos) or credit card. Gas is on the rooftop.

Laundry: Carlos the Laundryman. 415-109-7840 (WhatsApp). Pick-up is every weekday at your doorstep from 8am-8:30am. Laundry is returned to your doorstep the next next day sometime between 8am and Noon. Cost: 100 MXN pesos per 4 kg (just under 9 lbs).
Maid: Margarita is the maid for much of Chelo's. 415-105-7328 (WhatsApp). She speaks only Spanish.
Water: Ciel Drinking Water delivery. Mondays at 9am. 42 MXN pesos each garrafon.
Wi-Fi / Internet: Wi-Fi information is by the phone in the living room. Pay for Totalplay internet at Oxxo (at the top of the driveway) using account number: 09000001107060138.