Drones in Puerto Aventuras

Want an aerial video of yourself at the beach, on the golf course, strolling along the marina, or boating on the Caribbean with your friends? Here is a list of drone operators in Puerto Aventuras with the equipment and skill to record your event. They're ordered alphabetically by first name.


Andrés Rivera - Instagram | Tel +52-998-577-1954 | WhatsApp

Brian Richardson - Facebook

Ernesto Aguirre - Facebook

Jose Carlos Ponce - Tel +52-984-322-2958 | WhatsApp

Martin Rojas – martinrojasphoto.com | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter

Serge Kai - photografika.ca | Facebook


To add your name, contact information and additional details, please send an email to ayuda@mas.info. Thanks to Josh Sorenson at Unsplash for the cool photo.