Paint It Forward - Promote Street Art in San Miguel de Allende

The Fat Bastard Needs You To “Paint It Forward!!"

Too goofy? Well... maybe, but it is kind of me…

My close friends and family know I consider myself one of the luckiest people alive. I am married to the greatest woman and life partner in the universe (no offense to any other women out there). ...whom I love more everyday. We have a beautiful child together of whom I am immensely proud. I have been fortunate enough to have great union jobs through my life that gave us the ability to retire early. At 51 years old, I was blessed to find this amazing city to live in on the first try. And finally, my stumbled-upon involvement in the street art community has been more rewarding than I could ever explain.

If I were to die tomorrow at 54 years old, I would still reckon my life as incredible!

If I could help others to bring more attention to and support to the street artists it would truely be a great rest of my life.

So why is street art important?

It’s hard to find a better explanation than the one given to me by an old Mexican gentleman while I was standing in front of that fantastic International Women’s Day mural in Independencia. As we were looking at the mural together, he told me he walks up the street to look at this mural everyday and it makes him feel better.

Wow! I certainly was certainly struck by this, and it has stuck with me ever since. In fact, that statement is the most powerful reason for art I have heard.

It’s true that the numbers of murals in our city has skyrocketed and we love it. Yet there are many Mexican neighborhoods without a single work. Fortunately, several artists want to paint in every Colonia. They know art improves the lives of those who see it. It’s a fundamental tenet of their profession, and I doubt many on this page would disagree. The artists also want to continue this process of beautifying the city and have the reins in their hands. The Fat Bastard Art Walks controls none of it. We don’t want control. We just want to support the plans they come up with.

How can you not love the idea of children walking to school everyday and having street art tug at their dreams? How can we not be warmed by these mural improving the lives of those living around them?

If we want to find ways of giving back to this amazing city that has given us so much, we could do few things better than find ways of funding more public art in working class neighborhoods. We, as extranjeros, could take some small part in bringing these murals to reality! I think most of us on this Facebook page all support of idea of having more street art, but we begin to fumble on the idea of how to pay for it. Our working group of funding brainstormers met recently, and we have some ideas for the long term that we will start working with, but we need some short term funding to for this Festival next week.

Someone in our meeting (Fedra? Susan ?) Talked about the idea of Pay it Forward then the other responded with Paint it Forward and I thought that was perfect framing.

So let’s Paint it Forward San Miguel! Let’s give something back to the amazing community that’s adopted us. Let’s give back to the people who have so graciously us accepted here. Let’s give back by giving beauty not just in the Colonias where we live, but all Colonias across San Miguel.

We are going to set up something long term, but that will take some time. In the short-term we have Renace Olimpo to help fund. Shortly after that Yo Amo mi Barrio wants to memorialize the family recently murdered in San Rafael. And after that there will be more to do...

So please consider regularly donating to street art as a way of giving back to this amazing city. Every peso donated will go directly to supporting the artists and the projects they plan. If anyone is interested in helping let us know. We would accept whatever donations available, cash directly, donations using Zelle or Paypal works well. We even have a woman who is returning to the states and is donating several things of value for us to sell and raise money. Cool!

It doesn’t take much and these amazingly generous artists deserve support.

Consider donating yourself. Consider talking to your friends about helping or donating. Consider other ways you could help. In addition, please use the buttons below and share this where you can.

Donate via PayPal, or feel free to send me a message with other ways you could help enrich the street art in our community.