Photographers helping small businesses in San Miguel de Allende

Photographers are promoting local and underrepresented businesses (churro stands, tamale stands, shoe shiners, etc.) by taking gorgeous, eye-catching photos. Each photo is exhibited atop its own web page to promote that small business. Here's an example:

How It Works

Photographers email a favorite photo of a small local business to along with some descriptive information.

The photo and text are turned into a web page which is then promoted via social media. This is a grassroots collaboration. The pages are provided free of charge by MÁS.INFO, an instant web page service.

Business owners are then given a personalized short link that's easy to remember and that can be hand-printed onto a simple sign and placed in front of their business for "passive" advertising.

Get creative. Have fun. Make us taste, feel and hear what you are showing our eyes.

Photos tell a story and are compelling motivators. MÁS.INFO credits and links readers to the photographer.

Thanks to Nicolas HIPPERT at Unsplash for the gorgeous photo above.