Blanquita's Private Transportation Service in San Miguel de Allende


Blanca, or "Blanquita" as her regulars call her affectionately, provides local and long-distance transporation service in San Miguel de Allende, the surrounding area, and beyond. Blanca is a professional driver with 12 years of experience and can literally take you anywhere in Mexico. Common destinations include San Miguel de Allende itself, airport runs to León, Querétaro and Mexico City, and shopping runs to the larger cities for specialty items that aren't found locally.

Reach Blanca by phone at +52-415-144-8483 or via WhatsApp.


My driver Blanca has been a life saver. She is ALWAYS there when I need her. It doesn't matter if it's 4am or 10pm, she is always waiting outside my door when I request her services. — Melissa

I'm very happy with Blanquita's transportation service. Their punctuality shows their caring and respect for my time. — Turner

Blanca's transportation service is top notch. Highest quality. Trustworthy and dependable. — Joe