Casa ABBA, a Sanctuary for our Migrant Brothers and Sisters


A place of peace and love in Mexico.

The amazing Casa ABBA Sanctuary has received tens of thousands of migrants over the last decade and has provided free health care, a shower, a bed and healthy food to those in need.

We need a truly bigger space to attend to the needs of our refugee brothers and sisters from Central & South America.



"Casa ABBA overwhelmed me with joy for its attention to our fellow friends from the south. Innocent people often arriving by train and in search of shelter and immediate medical care. Pastor Ignacio and his team are true angels." — Roger D. Jones

"Earth is not big enough to accommodate the love I’ve seen Pastor Ignacio, his family and staff grant our brothers and sisters traveling northbound through Mexico in search of a better, safer and dignified life for themselves and for their families. His outpouring of care, time, love and basic human necessities plus all the healing he provides should be applauded but more importantly, supported. We are behind his humanitarian effort and ask of you all to join us in helping him provide a larger space to accommodate more of those in need. Helping out angels like the ones that inhabit Casa Abba, fills the heart, spirit and the soul." — Oscar Torres


Pastor Ignacio, Casa ABBA
Tel: +52-461-184-8834 | WhatsApp
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Address: 16 de Septiembre 212, Barrio de Zapote C.P. 38057, Celaya, Guanajuato, México (Map & Directions)