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Empowering women over 50 to redefine their lives, mission and spirit through coaching, ceremony, community and connecting. Ask me how I stepped out of my old definitions, moved to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and created a life I always wanted.


Monday:       09:00–14:00
Tuesday:      09:00–14:00
Wednesday:    09:00–14:00
Thursday:     09:00–14:00
Friday:       09:00–14:00
Saturday:     Play Day
Sunday:       Rest Day


"Kat is a force of nature! She helped me understand how to create a new life in Mexico for myself and fulfill my dream of being a full time artist." — Christina

"Kat has helped me overcome social definitions that no longer served me. As a widow herself, she knows how to navigate redefining a life without a partner and how to tap into personal strength to persevere." — Laura

"Through coaching and ceremony Kat helped me discover who I wanted to be on this new life path. I am forever thankful she came into my life"- Marie 

"As a resident of SMA, Kat helped me navigate moving to Mexico, find my community tribe and flourish!" — Teri


Katari " Kat" Sparks
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Address: San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mexico