The Love Locks of San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende holds the key to my heart. I first arrived in this quaint little town 20 years ago with my husband Agapito. We stood on the side of the highway and surveyed the city that would soon capture our love and be at the heart of our adventure together. Today there is a tradition of placing a “love lock” on the iron fence at the very spot where we stood. Steeped in the tradition of many cities, love locks are symbols of a commitment of love. Sometimes it is a young couple, at times families and occasionally a solo lock securing a secret yearning love appears on the fence. Always based in love, these locks stand the test of time.

There are many legends of love locks throughout the world. One story from England tells a tale of a woman who had lost her lover during the first world war and started attaching love locks on bridges where they used to meet. She was showing her unbreakable love and that he would always be “locked” in her heart.

Another legend reports that the tradition started in China and young lovers would place a lock on an iron fence over a bridge and throw away the key, locking them in love forever. Although history tells us that sometimes the locks were so prolific and heavy, bridge fences had to be replaced due to the weight of the locks.

The story of the love locks in San Miguel de Allende began around 20 years ago with a young couple pledging their love to the city. Many people have added their love locks over the years, binding them in hope and iron. Though I find the solo love locks the most interesting of all. A heart yearning for someone who is not there. Tomorrow, I add my solo love lock amongst the hundreds on the fence. I will stand there alone; my young husband having passed years ago while on a trip to the States. I think perhaps I shall also pledge my love to the city of San Miguel de Allende to which I just returned. The love of my life may no longer be my side, but the love of this city fills my heart. I think that will be a nice tribute to my adventures.

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My newest book will also soon be released in February. I hope to see you in San Miguel and adding your lock to the love that fills this city.