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Hi! I'm Shannon Rachynski. Welcome to my personal page where you can see what I'm up to all week.

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Speedy access to important stuff like the KARAOKE CATALOG and my Facebook page, Shenaniganz Entertainment.


Karaoke - Tuesdays and Fridays (7pm-10pm) at Cafe Olé. Karaoke is by far the most fun and popular event in Puerto Aventuras. We always have fun and it really is my favorite thing to convince people to step out of their comfort zone, have some fun and let loose! Check out the KARAOKE CATALOG with over 45,000 songs.

Happy Hour Shenaniganz - Starting back again soon.

  • Name That Tune - Contestants compete to correctly identify songs by listening to snippets of a tune.

  • Family Feud - Groups compete to name the most popular answers to survey questions to win prizes. Each question has multiple answers, but the top answers (that were selected by yours truly) provide the most points.

  • Trivia - Players answer questions about a variety of topics and are given a set amount of time to answer.

Active Sports - I love sports! I love having fun! And I combine the two by coordinating active sports with my friend Andrew. These are ongoing throughout the week. Learn more at


See photos and get the latest news about all of my shenaniganz on Facebook. You can reach me by email at And here's more info about where you'll find me: Cafe Olé.