QR Codes for Businesses


MÁS.INFO brings the ease, speed and flexibility of QR codes to businesses around the world.

Promote your products and services with a QR code and fast web page. Place the QR code on your storefront to share business hours, address (with map), and contact information. Keep customers inside your store longer by using QR codes on products of special interest to provide background information. Great during customer rushes when you need just a little more time to get to everyone.

It's more than just a QR code. Every MÁS INFO QR code is connected to a customizable web page that acts as an information hub. There's nothing else like it. One QR code instantly provides information about your products and services, and it also links to your many resources such as testimonials, social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.), location (with map and directions), hours and contact information.


Photo credit: Tom Crew at Unsplash