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Hi surfing mates,

Have you seriously thought that you can dramatically improve your surfing skills on land with the help of a tool that is specifically designed and crafted for this purpose?

The skateboarding industry has found numerous ways through the years to address surfers’ issue to train and entertain themselves outside of the ocean.

The surfskate is the pinnacle of innovation of land-based surf training.

Surfskates feature different shapes and mechanical components, although they share the goal of empowering surfers to replay both basic and radical surfing maneuvers on a concrete playground.

Wenice Landsurfboards has its roots in the territory of Venice, Italy, from which it inherited its name and has been contributing to the growing of surfskates niche-market since 2014.

In 2022 our shaper Davide Borsato kickstarted a crowdfunding campaign with the aim to equip a temporary workshop, buy materials and gear to craft a collection or “quiver” of surf simulators in Mexico's Riviera Nayarit which culminated in the release of the Nayarider.

Nayarider ‘22-‘23

Nayarider is the ultimate surf training tool dedicated to longboard surfers seeking to improve their maneuvering skills and style.

Thanks to its exceptional length and width, lightweight riders of all levels can try on land common and advanced moves that longboard surfers normally execute in the water such as cross steps, hang tens, and bottom turns.

Nayarider is the result of the combined skills of woodworkers and painters from Bahia de Banderas, these 100% locally made, high performance long skates are equipped with massive Original S8 spring-loaded trucks and 99-mm wheels that ensure impressive board lean, super fast turns and extreme traction.


Category: Log & Mal series
Board type: longboard/fun
Length: 165 cm / 5’4”
Width: 34 cm / 1’1” 3/8
Thickness: 18 mm /
Core: parota veneered softwood multiply
Deck finish: polyurethane glossy + hyper clear anti-skid quartz powder
Rider’s type: lightweight (up to 75 kg)

User guide and maintenance

In the same fashion that surfers choose their surfboards on the base of their level of skills and weight, we recommend that you choose your land-surfboard wisely, respecting the manufacturer’s warnings and looking up the board’s specifications.

Due to its construction and materials, the Nayarider performs at its best when used by lighter street surfers.

Wenice is constantly researching new combinations of materials, outlines and gear to develop a line-up of boards that cater to all riders' needs. If the board that you like doesn't seem to be indicated for your body type, please send us a message. We might be able to craft a custom board based on your preferences.

Find us in Mexico!

We are proud to partner with one of the most iconic and longest-running surf shops in the Punta de Mita area, Mictlan Surf Shop! Get your Wenice land surfboard at:

Mictlan Surf Shop in Playa Burros
Carr. Federal la Cruz de Huanacaxtle - Punta de Mita km 11
63734 Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico
(Map & Directions)

Mictlan Surf Scool in Punta de Mita
Av. El Anclote 200, Nuevo
63732 Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico
(Map & Directions)

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