Huichol Art Gallery at The Octopus's Garden


About the Gallery

The Octopus's Garden in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Mexico houses a very special Huichol art gallery that showcases a wide variety of traditional and contemporary Huichol art, including beadwork, yarn paintings, and textiles. The gallery features works by individual artists, with each piece carefully selected for its beauty, craftsmanship, and cultural significance.

About Huichol Art

Yarn paintings or "nieli'ka" in the Huichol language are created by coating a board with a mixture of beeswax and pine resin, then laying down brightly colored yarn in intricate patterns and designs. The yarn is pressed into the wax to ensure that it adheres firmly to the board. Yarn paintings are often highly detailed and can take many hours or even days to complete. They often depict spiritual or mythological themes, such as images of the sun, the moon, and the cosmos, as well as representations of animals and other symbols from Huichol culture.

Similarly, Huichol beadwork is a traditional form of art that uses a similar fixative and involves covering objects, such as bowls, masks, and figures, with colorful beads. The beads are carefully arranged into intricate patterns and designs, often depicting animals, plants, and other symbols from Huichol culture. The beadwork is used for both decorative and spiritual purposes, and is highly valued for its beauty and cultural significance.

How to Buy

Come and enjoy the many beautiful works of Huichol art at The Octopus's Garden. Original pieces can be purchased at the gallery, and some additional pieces can be purchased online by clicking the button below.

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