How to Use Your QR Code


Your MÁS.INFO page comes with a QR code so that you can easily share information such as:

Firstname Lastname
Address: 123 Main Street, City, State, Country
Tel: +1-555-111-1111 | WhatsApp
Fax: +52-555-222-2222
Social: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Use your MÁS.INFO page to promote your art or gallery, music, pilates classes, restaurant, cause, or organization. Include your hours of operation, map and directions, testimonials, videos, and more.

How To Use

Show your QR code on your phone. Simply hold up your phone and show the QR code on your MÁS INFO page, just like in the photo above. Others can then easily scan it or photograph it for reference. In every case, users are led straight back to you.

Print your QR code. Print it large to display at your place of business. Print it onto vinyl to place on glass doors. Print it small to display next to the artwork in your gallery. Print it onto card stock to place in front of you when performing music. When people photograph you, the QR code in the photo will always lead back to you. Add the QR code to your paper business cards to simplify the design AND provide even more information.

Share your short link. Every MÁS.INFO page comes with a short link (e.g., Share the short link in emails, text messages, and social media. MÁS.INFO pages are built to share easily and elegantly. Thumbnail images and descriptions are displayed automatically in social media platforms making your post richer and more inviting.

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